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What better way to get to know someone than an ice breaker over the very topic most of us can relate to, and has just recently lived through? We’ve decided to share with you either our most memorable voting experience through the times we have voted, or our personal reasons of why voting is important! This post is intended to be lighthearted. Please visit our About Us page to learn more about our starting team, and visions when starting Source Voting!

Please share your most memorable experience, or your reasons voting is important to you with us down at the comment section. We would love to get to know you through your thoughts on voting!

Importance of Voting

Kevin       Founder & CEO

In my time, I have had many different jobs and needed to attend a variety of different meetings. I have followed the news, attended city council meetings, city budget meetings, state bidding summits, city zoning meetings and county commissioners meetings.

Basically, government officials tend to be pretty similar in this way: they try to do what is best for everyone. However, when hard decisions need to be made, decisions are made in favor of those who put them in office.

When one age group or one segment of the community does not vote, their concerns are treated with less concern than those who do. This is why I try to do my homework and vote in every election, and why I think everyone should do the same. You don’t want to be viewed as unimportant in the minds of those who spend our tax money and make our laws.

Cole       Product Manager

I’ve never really thought voting was very important, until a good friend explained to me that there’s a lot more to voting than presidential candidates. Your vote goes a lot farther with local candidates, and it’s the local candidates and measures that affect your lives the most. Voting is not only a way to make sure that the changes that affect you directly go into place, but that the local candidates you support have a better chance of making their way to state and federal positions.

Ian       Account Manager

Our government is one of the most powerful institutions this world has ever known. It has allowed for huge leaps of human progress and a higher standard of living for millions of people, but there is always a risk that such a great concentration of power can be taken advantage of and abused, so there has to be extensive measures taken to keep it in check. The most important measure that we have at our disposal is our suffrage, our right to vote. No matter what corruption may grip our government, the voice of the people, when working together, can always vote it out of power. Voting works to make sure the interests of our country are not only the interests of the elites, but also of the general citizenry. It ensures that no voice is left unheard.

Virginia       Account Manager

I always knew voting was important, but the way I think of it has been forever changed by working at Source Voting. When I first started working for Source Voting, I knew very little about politics, but I loved the idea behind how they wanted to make it different. As a working mom of a very busy two-year old, I have very little time to really do the research to make an informed decision. So to have one place where all the research was done for me, I was all for that. To have it all directly from the candidate – even better! What took it even deeper for me was being the one on the phone, calling campaigns and candidates. It has always been a bit intimidating when I talked to an actual candidate, but I learn a ton! For the most part they were very easy to talk to and super passionate. They each have a different perspective on things, and are so eager to share his/her ideas with the people in his/her district. Some of them even told me a handful of things that happen in congress that I had no idea about – we need people in office who care, who are honest, and are going to truly fight for what is best for their district.

Most Memorable Voting Experiences

Azyeb       HR Representative

I think most people would agree that their first time voting is probably their most memorable voting experience. The year I turned 18 happened to be the presidential election year and I was so excited. I had so many questions about voting that I was ready to discover. How do I register to vote? Where do I vote? Will it be crowded? What does a ballot look like? And as silly as it sounds, I was even looking forward to receiving a “I Voted” sticker so I could flaunt it on social media. Finally, we reached election day. That morning, I woke up bright and early and headed to the polls!

Tommy       Technical Intern

My most memorable voting experience was in the 2016 election. It was my first voting experience. With the race so divisive, I felt like my vote could be the vote that pushes the results one way or the other. Of course, I had my biases on which side was better, and should win; however, the feeling of being able to have my voice heard and being able to positively impact the future was a thrill.

Jenny       Marketing Intern

This past election was my first time voting. I had been hearing about the election so much, I couldn’t wait to vote. However, when I tried to schedule a time when my best friend, who has voted many times before, could go vote with me, I started realizing how little I knew about how voting would go; I had always been told to go vote, but never the way voting polls worked. I started worrying about the ballot: “do I have to check the box on the paper and throw it in a box?” “What if I had to memorize the candidate’s name to fill it in a blank, and I spell it wrong?” “What if I checked the wrong name on the electronic ballot, and it wouldn’t let me change it?” “What if I show up and am told that I’m not registered to vote, even though I made sure I was beforehand?” Every possible thought and worry circled around my mind, until I was reassured by my best friend that it would be electronic: easy and fine.

The scheduled day came. When we got to the polling location, we sat for an hour, researching and sharing our findings with each other, making sure we really wanted to vote for the candidates we had in mind, right by the line of voters waiting to be checked in. After that, we got in line, the poll workers celebrated me for being a first time voter, and we voted; easy as that. The fun definitely overpowered the fear and stress, and made them seem silly. Not only did I vote for the first time, I also learned a lot more about the political side of my best friend, his thought process, and what issues mattered the most to him.

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