I Voted; My Candidate Lost. What Now?

It is a common thought to think of yourself as the tiny dot in the millions of people who vote; you are not wrong. As midterm election results are cranking out, you may be feeling a bit discouraged with the fact that the candidate you voted for didn’t win his/her race; if this was your first time voting, you may even start to wonder why you believed one vote mattered enough to vote in the first place. However, each vote is still as important, especially in the midterm elections. Below are three of our top encouragements for you to still go out and vote in the future elections, especially the midterms!

It Counts!

Although many research shows that your one single vote does not matter, it certainly cannot deny that, in a midterm election, it counts. What does that even mean for something to not matter but to count? It means the research only looks at the slimmest chance your vote could be the one to tip the results. Certainly, there are many times in history where the result was solely driven by one or a minuscule number of votes, but it is undoubtably rare. However, your vote counts in those millions, and when one neglects to vote, those around them may also do the same; those votes add up. Similarly, when you vote, and inspire those around you to vote, those votes add up as well.

In Michelle Obama’s speech, as she showed her support to Hillary Clinton before the 2016 presidential election, she had put the importance for all of us to vote in this perspective: “back in 2008 […], Barack won North Carolina by about 14,000 votes. Which sounds like a lot, but when you break that number down, the difference between winning and losing this state, was a little over two votes. […] If only two or three folks per precinct had gone the other way, Barack would’ve lost that state, could’ve lost the election.”  This logic applies to any party you are for, and any election that may come in the future. Sure, you may be thinking “I voted, but my preferred candidate still lost by a landslide,” but that should be more the motivation for you to gather up those who have the same view points as you, let others know why you think the way you do and potentially convince them to vote the other way, and vote again in the next election. This is especially the case during midterm elections; read why in the next section.

It Directly Affects the Outcome

Many people only see the importance for voting during the presidential election, but never knowing the importance of the midterm, nor the impact they can have in a midterm election. Here’s how our election works: when it comes to presidential elections, a system called the electoral college is used. In this case, how many of us voted truly do not matter; the votes that are counted are the electors’. Each elector represents a certain number of people, but these numbers are not the same across the country; it is based on the state the elector is representing. This is why it is possible for a presidential candidate to be people’s choice, in terms of the total number of votes casted by the people, but fail to be elected president. However, this is not the case in midterm elections. Each of our ballots that we put in are counted. Each vote counts. Candidates win based on popularity, with no middle-man. Next time another midterm election rolls around, just remember that.

It Is Your Voice

This may sound so cliche, but it is true. Your vote is your way of telling the government what you believe in. Whether your candidate wins or not, you have supported and proven your stance in one of the most direct, legal, and recommended ways possible, if there is even another way. You may have heard voting placed in the spotlight of it being your right, your privilege, or even your duty; don’t get me wrong, it is all true, but one thing people neglect to tell you is that it is your chance to support what you hold dear and morally support. This is true for all the elections, presidential, midterm, state, even local. However, midterm is this country’s chance to evaluate the president they have elected, and put in place someone who will either check and balance the extremes he/she has shown during the presidency so far, or support and encourage going down the path the president has set up for this country.

*Mic Drop*

Next time you feel discouraged about voting, just remember the above points. Share this post with your friends who are struggling to find motivation to vote, and like this post to show your support for voter turnout; feel free to comment below your motivations to show up at the polls!

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